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Orange TKO & Pets & Other Animals
Bird droppings and tree sap.
Removes rust with light abrasive.
As an air cleaner, it gets rid of odors like smoke, dampness and even skunk or cat spray.
Removes pet stains from any surface.


Removes the most difficult animal stains and odors, including urine and cat spray from carpet, upholstery and clothing.

Agricultural uses:
  • Use to clean horse stalls and trailers, breaks down manure.
  • Removes odors and cleans hog barns.
  • Effective tack and harness cleaner.
  • Will not stiffen leather.
Pet uses:
  • Safe to use as a pet wash.
  • Cleans cages, kennels, bedding, dishes, litter boxes.
  • Removes tar and skunk smell from pet fur.
  • Spray on dog and cat fur, horse manes and tails to remove matting.
Exotic Pets:
  • Safe to use in birdcages to break down droppings.
  • Remove odors.
  • Use to clean reptile, ferret, rabbit and bird cages and aviaries.
  • Use to clean aquariums, will not leave a residue.

General uses:
  • Cleans and removes stains.
  • Emulsifies oil and grease.
  • Eats odors.
  • Will remove bird droppings & tree sap from your car.

Mist: ½ tsp. per 3 cups of water
Light: 1 tsp. per 3 cups of water
General: 1 Tbsp. per 3 cups of water
Strong: 4+ Tbsp. per 3 cups of water
FULL STRENGTH: use with caution, it may harm some plastics, fiberglass and Plexiglas

Orange TKO is a natural, concentrated cleaner that can be used on all of your pet-related cleaning problems.

Orange TKO will remove pet mistakes from any surface: use only 2 oz. of Orange TKO per gallon of water.

Safe to use on and around your pets!

Pet Stains in Carpets: On fresh urine stains, blot up as much as possible. Spray the area with General mix, and allow 1-2 minutes to emulsify the stain and odor before removing with a damp cloth. 
On old pet stains, spray on Strong mix, OR Concentrate, followed by a spray of water. Let stand 1-2 minutes to emulsify the stain and odor. Application may need to be repeated, but Orange TKO WILL remove the stain, and the accompanying odor!

Pet Odor Control:  For indoor use, Light mix should be sufficient. Use General mix outdoors. Spray directly on the odor source, or spray into the air to freshen the room.

Clean Kennels, Cages and Litter Boxes:
Spray on General mix, and allow 1-2 minutes to emulsify. Wipe down with a sponge or cloth. Rinse litter boxes with water.

Clean pet bedding:
Add 1-2 oz. to washing machine. Cleans and deodorizes.

Clean dishes: Wipe down with a Light mix of Orange TKO.

Dogs and Cats
1 oz. per gallon / 1 tsp. per 3 cups of water (Light mix):
Use as spray or dip. Spray living quarters, clean kennels and crates. Spray on real or silk flowers to retard pets habits of chewing. May be sprayed directly on pets to help stop chronic chewing. Bathe or rinse to remove skunk or other odor. Degreaser for oil, tar, paint, gum, etc. Excellent for cocker ear. Breaks down poison oak or ivy oil.

1 oz. per gallon / 1 tsp. per 3 cups of water (Light mix):
Stop feather picking of adult birds, siblings or cage mates. Spray birds daily to control dander. Spray surrounding areas of cage or perch to deter chewing.
2 oz. per gallon / 1 Tbsp. per 3 cups of water (General mix): Bird cage and perch cleaner. Spray on soiled areas, let emulsify for 3-5 minutes, then wipe clean. Removes hard water stains from plastic, ceramic and stainless steel bowls. Spray as air freshener and air cleaner.

Try Orange TKO as an Insect Repellant


For people: Apply as needed, directly on skin and clothing and the surrounding area. Suggestion: use a sprayer bottle to apply.
  Apply Light (¼ teaspoon in 6 oz. of water
  General (1 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water)
  or Strong mix (1+ Tablespoon in 6 oz. of water),

For smaller animals: Spray Light mix on your hands to apply to animal's coat, as needed.
For medium to large animals: Spray General mix directly on their coat, avoiding the eyes.