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Orange TKO & Horses, Mules & Donkeys

  • Breaks down and removes animal waste and urine from vans, stall and trailers.
  • Restores saddles, tack stirrups and riding boots to a new look.
  • Removes mold from leather.
  • Spray on saddle blankets and pads to freshen and remove bacteria between washings.
  • Sanitize feed buckets.
  • Destroy stall odors.
  • Remove mud and muck from protective boots and wraps.
  • Fly spray (repellant):
               To 1 quart (or liter) of water, add:
                ½ cup mineral oil
                ½ cup vinegar
                1 – 3 Tbsp Orange TKO
           Mix. Allow enough time for Orange TKO to emulsify into the mixture, about one hour.
           This formula remains effective over time. No need to rotate with other sprays. Shake
            first before spraying.

Horse Blankets:  Add 1-2 oz. to washing machine. Cleans & deodorizes.

Stalls and trailers:
Spray on a General mix of Orange TKO. 
Allow emulsifying of stains and odors for 5-10 minutes. Rinse area with water.

Saddles, tack and boots:  To remove mold and mildew, use the Strong mix of Orange TKO. Allow 3-5 minutes to emulsify, then wipe off. Great for conditioning leather.

1 oz. Orange TKO per gallon of water/1 tsp. in 3 cups of water (Light mix)
  • Hoof cleaner. Helps retard the feet from collecting dirt pack and stones.
  • Soak feet to draw out soreness and will kill thrush.
  • May assist in fostering foals. Spray mother, baby and pen. Leave confined until well settled.

2 oz. Orange TKO per gallon of water/ 1 Tbsp. in 3 cups of water (General mix)
  • Effective tack and harness cleaner, unless mold/mildew are present. In that case, use Strong mix. Will not stiffen leathers.
  • Clean manure hard pack from trailer and barn.
  • Spray fencing to prevent cribbing and chewing. Gardens and fruit trees, too!

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  • EQUITANA USE – Louisville, KY – 1996
  • EL CAMINO RANCH – Southern California – 1995
  • SPRUCE MEADOWS – Calgary, Alberta – 1994, 1995