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Bidematic Testimonials

Thanks for your recent support in getting me the installation kit for yet another Bidematic. What a great product you have. My roommate, who used to live in Europe, brought one home a couple years ago after visiting your booth at the Health and Harmony festival. At first I thought it was a drinking fountain for midgets (he has a warped sense of humor), after he told me what it was I thought he had really lost it. He installed it in our downstairs bathroom. One time, while I was suffering through an episode that precluded me from making it all the way up the stairs to take care of my business, I thought "what the hell, I'll give this thing a try". I never seemed to make it up the stairs again after that. Eventually, he bought me a Bidematic to use in my own bathroom. I have become one of your biggest fans and routinely look for opportunities to spread the word. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Brad. Rohnert Park, CA

  I was very skeptical and indifferent and since my wife had always wanted a bidet I relented. After the first use of the Bidematic I was a converted believer for many reasons but mostly for comfort.
  The product was easy to install and after its first use at home we ordered another one for our boat because I wish I never had to GO anywhere else without one. Carl. Concord, CA

If I didn't already have a business, I would become a Bidematic representative. This is one of the finest and most useful products I have ever used or purchased. In my healing practice, I emphasize simple, effective, practical solutions. The Bidematic epitomizes this philosophy. I didn't fully realize the advantages of the Bidematic - not only do I save a lot on toilet paper, am a little easier on the environment, but I am now reluctant to subject myself to other toilets. Once one gets used to the freshness imparted by the Bidematic, everything else is a dismal substitute. Simple, mechanical, aesthetically pleasing and problem free. In this complex world, this simple product delivers on its promise big time. I heartily recommend it. Fran. Wake Forest, North Carolina

This is an unsolicited recommendation. I've had the cold water Quest Bidematic for about 8 months. It is great. I like to think that occasionally I do something smart. That definitely describes the Quest. I spent several years of inconvenience as a result of a botched "hemorhoidectomy". Heretofore, it took about 30 minutes to clean up after my morning toilet use, but now I do my business, swing the gadget over under my anus, turn the faucet handle for about 10 seconds and then turn it off, swing the gadget back, flush - and I'm through. Anyway, buying the Bidematic was one of the smarter things I've done in my lifetime. Every home should have one!  Robert. Rancho Cordova, CA

We are so happy to write and tell you how much Bidet Solution has changed our lives.

We love ours and just recently bought one from you for our son's family.

They love theirs after just one day.

There are so many benefits to having one: less TP, cleanliness, discomfort, health reasons and most of all for our son. He broke both arms in a recent accident and is completely helpless for the next 3 months. The advantage of having your Bidet Solution is an obvious one. Needing help at every turn, your product helps him maintain his dignity and makes his recovery all the more successful.

It is our opinion that everyone should have your easy-to-install product.

In addition, a widespread campaign should be started to make the medical community aware of the Bidet Solution. Orthopedists, oncologists, physical therapists, gerontologists, gastroenterontologists, medical home providers and occupational therapists should all be made aware of the advantages of the Bidet Solution. Patients with recent operations that can't bathe as often, patients who are disabled by stroke, accident victims with broken bones, the elderly in need of everyday help to stay independent, the list is endless.

Thank you so much for your product. It has "delivered" 100%.

Your attention to your customers is also very refreshing. Keep up the great work and spread the word.

Lynn. Montara, CA