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Orange TKO Testimonials
When my husband first came home and told me about Organic Orange TKO he had heard about my first thought was that he had been suckered again into wanting to order a natural product that does everything. Believe me, we have tried several of them. I read the flyer he had brought and the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it could be used in gardens for bug and weed control instead of using harsh sprays with chemicals. My husband works at a nursing home and they prefer that he not use any products with chemicals. The gardens there have many beautiful roses and flowers along with plants. They had many aphids and bugs but they preferred to leave them that way. When I saw that this product could be used on bugs and weeds I immediately called the people at Quest and ordered a supply. When we received it I took it to the administrator and showed her that it was a natural product and they gave my husband permission to use it. Since then the roses and other flowers look beautiful. It has also been a good repellent for the deer just by spraying the perimeter of the yard. The weeds in the garden areas have also been taken care of. Now we use it not only for the nursing home, but have found many other uses in our own home. Being that it is very concentrated it lasts for a long time. I think that everyone should have their own supply of this organic Orange TKO.

Linda & J.B.
Penngrove, CA

My son's dog Buck, a 100 lb German Shepard loved to pee in my flower bed, which soon turned my garden into a wasteland.  In desperation, I remembered reading that Organic Orange TKO had been used to keep animals away from protected areas.  I sprayed the perimeter of the flower bed with a Strong solution of TKO and Buck stopped coming into that area.  Thanks to TKO I have flowers again:).

Kate D. S.
Santa Rosa, CA