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Infrared Sensor
Faucet Adapter
I met you at the SAHBA Home Show and bought the hands-free faucet adapter. ​I had to write because I have rarely been so happy and excited about a household device like this. I got it set up and working beautifully! It was EASY!

Even if I wasn't constantly using my sink for my work I still love the fact that I hardly ever touch the faucet handle thereby eliminating water spots and dripping aorund the faucet and base. It's compact; it fits perfectly and not in the way at all.

The sensor is also prompt: it turns on and off quickly. I save so much time not bothering with the faucet handles!

And it DOES SAVE WATER!! Every house in Arizona needs to have at least one. You never have to leave your water running unnecessarily. This is going to be the standard of the future especially in drought areas of the country where there are water usage issues.

So not only is the automatic faucet adapter very COOL to have, it is practical, convenient and a must-have for everyone concerned with water conservation and everyone should be concerned about that!

Thanks for introducing me to the hands-free faucet adapter. I will never be without one of these again!
Jenny. Marana, AZ