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10+ Reasons
why Vulcan is a good alternative to water softeners
German 24 Volt Impulse-Technology (capacitive): The water is treated with electric impulses that control scale in an eco-friendly "green" way. It is an electric system that is not magnetic-based.

Vulcan works in the frequency range between 3-32 kHz with different frequency peaks (wobbling distribution). The secret to the correct performance of physical water treatment lies in the composition of these impulses. CWT has developed and fine-tuned them for over 30 years.  

Vulcan uses customized isolated copper impulse bands. How the impulses are transferred into the water is crucial. The design of the bands increases the surface area that transports the impulses. This improves transmission by up to 40%.

The original acrylic cast is unique to the Vulcan product. It offers maximum protection against water, heat, dirt, coldness, humidity and keeps all parts secure and sealed in place.

Vulcan comes with external UL and TUV-approved electronic switching adaptors. They operate with a very low power consumption of 100-240V and equalize possible power instabilty.  

Vulcan is not magnetic-based. Therefore, it operates 100% independently of the velocity (water flow rate) in the pipe and constantly provides reliable impulses that guarantee the right output at all times.

Material-matching programs for different materials: Vulcan treats any pipe material. No need to buy a different product for metal, PVC, other plastic, etc. any more.  

The automatic memory program keeps Vulcan running correctly. In case of the unlikely event of a power failure, Vulcan automatically resets back to the last program once power is regained.  

Vulcan holds numerous certifications by renowned international institutions: the German TUV, the German CE, the UL-approval for switching adaptors etc. 

Vulcan needs little electric power, therefore it is very economical. The units operate with 1.75 to max. 3.25 Watts. Operating costs are appox. US$ 3-7 (~3-6 EUR) per year. 

Made-in-Germany: Vulcan is a German, quality product manufactured by the family-run Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH, Berlin since 1989. 

10-year international warranty is granted for all Vulcan units world-wide. Due to the special acrylic protection, these units keep on running with a life expectancy of over 30 years.
Vulcan® clearly stands out with its quality and performance. Please compare Vulcan as the alternative to water softeners by matching some quality indicators: