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  •    Against scale and rust
  •   Clears the piping system of scale
  •   Keeps pipes and electrical appliances clear of scale build-up  
  •   Works on all pipe materials
  •   Eco-friendly solution without salt and chemicals
  •   Important minerals remain in the water
  •   Quick, Do-It-Yourself installation
  •    Maintenance-free
  •   Low energy costs (approx. $5.00 / year)
  •   Ideal for residential and commercial applications
  •   TÜV/GS accredited
  •   VDE/EMV-certified
  •   CE accredited
  •   30-day money-back guarantee
  •   International 10 year warranty
  •   Free shipping

Your eco-friendly anti-scale system
Your eco-friendly protection against scale and rust
Vulcan keeps pipes and electrical appliances clean.
Vulcan protects your new pipes
and old ones will be cleared out of pre-existing scale build-up.
Benefits for your home and appliances: 
  • Water pipes stay clean
  • Less repairs and maintenance around your house
  • Saves energy costs
  • Reduces cleaning effort
  • Saves on chemical cleaning detergents
  • Household appliances last longer: dishwashers, washing machine, etc.
  • Fittings stay clean longer