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Vulcan Benefits
Cleaner piping system
With the Vulcan water treatment you are lastingly protecting your pipe system, without having to chemically remove the lime from the water. The patented Vulcan impulse technology influences the crystallization of the lime so that the new crystals can no longer stick to each other. Lime now exists as "suspended particles" in the water and is washed away.
Filters, shower nozzles and shower heads stay clean

Shiny, smooth surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom again
Scale does not disappear completely from shower cubicles, sinks, tiles, taps and fittings. Because Vulcan does not alter the chemical composition of the water, the lime remains in the water. However, the lime ‘dust’ which now exists can be removed easily with a damp cloth. Notably less cleaning agent is needed and the use of harsh detergents can now be avoided.

Household appliances stay clean longer*
Coffee machines, kettles, saucepans or egg boilers stay clean 3-5 times longer. In kettles, the water is first evaporated. The scale is left behind. The inside of the kettle can now however, be cleaned easily with a cloth. Tedious soaking in special solutions is no longer necessary.
Sometimes the heating elements/heating surfaces may show areas of scale which, due to the extreme heat, start to burn in on itself. We therefore recommend you leave some water in the kettle each time to prevent this ‘self- baking’. The lifespan of smaller household appliances lasts up to three to five times longer.

Saves detergents, additives and fabric conditioners
With the Vulcan water treatment, the surface tension of the water is decreased. Because of the physical water treatment, the water feels softer. On contact with other agents the water also behaves as if it were softer. In fact, because the chemical composition is not altered, the degree of water hardness stays the same. You will see the positive changes in the water, for example when washing your hands or washing your hair – the same amount of soap or the same shampoo will lather noticeably more. You can therefore reduce the amount of washing detergents used. Often, the use of special additives can be completely avoided.

* Closed water heaters (electrical) up to 70ºC (158ºF) product temperature have a layer of fine, soft lime on the inside and on the heating element. This coating does not need to be removed as it does not disturb the transfer of heat. Water heating appliances have a lifespan of up to three times longer.