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  • BIDEMATIC CLEANS US: unlike wiping with toilet paper, which only partially removes the urine and fecal matter from our genitals and anus (perineal area), the refreshing spray of water of the Bidematic® washes the waste away and allows for total cleanliness every time, especially if a little bit of mild soap is used to complete the washing. Water works better than moist or medicated wipes and there are no chemicals to irritate the skin. After washing, the perineal area is totally clean and a towel can be used to dry.

  • BIDEMATIC HEALS AND PREVENTS ILLNESS: the soothing and cleaning effect of the water and the hydro-massage qualities of the spray from the six-hole shower head work wonders on the sensitive skin of the perineal area. Many health conditions are alleviated and/or prevented. Hemorrhoids, which affect 89% of Americans at some time in their lives, heal much faster and their recurrence is reduced. Urinary tract infections caused by cross-contamination when using toilet paper are avoided. Chronic itching of the anus due to bacterial growth on the skin due to incomplete cleaning goes away. Dermatitis is healed and avoided. Constipation conditions can improve naturally. The irritation and chafing of the skin when having diarrhea are minimized. Healing of the tissues after a surgery procedure in the perineal area is accelerated. The hydro-massage effect of the Bidematic increases the circulation of lymph and blood and can be beneficial to the prostate gland.

  • BIDEMATIC MAKES THE PERSONAL HYGIENE OF THE HANDICAPPED EASY AND EFFECTIVE: the Bidematic is available right at the toilet, where it is most needed. A slight movement of the lever brings the shower wand to the center of the bowl and the water starts to flow with an easy turn of the water valve/s. The force of the spray is totally adjustable and also the water temperature for the Hot/Cold model.

  • BIDEMATIC SAVES WATER: by not using toilet paper and therefore not throwing it into the toilet bowl, one flush is usually enough to remove all the waste from the bowl. With each flush not done we save at least 1.6 gallons of water. The Bidematic® only uses about 1 quart of water/minute. Also, the manufacturing of toilet paper requires very high quantities of water, estimated in the U.S.A. at 473.6 billion gallons/year (equivalent to 557,176 Olympic size swimming pools).

  • BIDEMATIC® SAVES TREES: at a manufacturing rate estimated at 100 million rolls of toilet paper/day in the U.S.A or 36.5 billion rolls/year, at least 15 million trees are cut down each year (the toll could be as high as 100 million trees, according to other estimates). Each time the Bidematic® is used the demand for toilet paper goes down and, therefore, more trees are saved.

  • BIDEMATIC® SAVES ELECTRICITY: the Bidematic® does not use any electricity itself and by saving toilet paper it impacts the toilet paper manufacturing industry that requires about 17 billion Kilowatt hours of electricity/year in the U.S.A, which is equivalent to the electrical power consumed by about 2 million homes per year.

  • BIDEMATIC® SAVES MONEY: the toilet paper habit costs us much money. At a national level we spend at least 4 billion dollars each year in toilet paper. At the home level, an average family of four spends up to $400.00 per year (about the price of a Bidematic®). Also, more money is spent in plumbing fees to unplug toilet stoppages due to the toilet paper thrown in the toilet bowl. Homes with septic tanks also save money by reducing the need for pump out services mainly needed because of the mass of toilet paper accumulated in the tank. Municipal sewage systems also benefit with the reduction in the toilet paper load.