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Suggestions for Connecting
CONNECTING TO COLD WATER - for both models

1) Close (turn off) the cold water stop valve (usually on the wall behind the toilet) to which the toilet tank water
    hose is connected.

2) Flush the toilet to empty the toilet tank. OPTIONAL.

3) Disconnect the upper end of the toilet tank supply hose from the tank’s ball cock (Expect a little water to come
    out of the hose and the ball cock).

4) Attach the extender tee to the stop valve. Make sure that the upper, free outlet of the extender tee remains
    upwards for easy reconnection of the toilet tank water hose.

5) Hand-tighten the loose end of the toilet tank supply hose to the bottom end of the extender tee.

6) Connect one end of the provided water supply hose to the Bidematic®’s cold water intake and the other end to
    the available outlet of the extender tee.

7) Turn the cold-water stop valve back on.
HOT WATER CONNECTION (Only for the Hot+Cold model)

If the bathroom sink is close to the toilet and on the same side of the bathroom, then the hot water stop valve under the sink can be the direct source of hot water for the Bidematic, using an extender tee and the correct length of flexible hose. If not, a hot water stop valve will need to be installed next to the toilet by somebody with sufficient plumbing skills and knowledge.

Common sources of the hot water for this hot water stop valve are:

1) the hot water stop valve under the bathroom sink (see above diagram),
2) the hot water line under the bathroom floor and
3) the hot water line in the bathroom wall.

Once the hot water stop valve is available, simply connect one end of a hot water supply hose of the appropriate length to the Bidematic’s hot water intake and the other end to the hot water stop valve.