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           Bidematic   -  The Bidet Solution
As an essential part of regular hygiene, or for relief from specific discomforts,
nothing compares to the convenience and effectiveness of a personal bidet.
Now, having a bidet in your bathroom is easy and affordable.
With a simple installation procedure-and without the need for a costly separate fixture-
most toilets can be transformed to perform as refreshing bidets.
is the ingenious bidet system that makes it possible!
Bidet System by Bidematic — Perfect for Every Bathroom.
  • Attachable to any standard toilet
  • Solid brass construction with some ABS features
  • Chrome-plated, modern and elegant unit
    that harmonizes with other bathroom fixtures
  • Movable spout remains hidden under the
    toilet rim when not in use
  • Adjustable water spray
  • Adjustable water temperature (H/C model)

  • Enhances personal hygiene
  • Environmentally friendly
    (reduces or eliminates the use of toilet paper)
  • Minimum water usage
  • Complicated and expensive bathroom installations
    and remodeling are avoided
  • Very easy to operate
  • Very easy to clean
  • No electrical components
  • Eases daily hygiene for the handicapped
  • Reduces toilet stoppages
  • Reduces the discomforts from hemorrhoids, fistulas,
    cystitis and fissures
  • Ideal for residences, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals,
     offices, recreational vehicles and yachts
  • Simple to install with conventional household tools

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