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Got hard water?    Got scale?
The Scale Problem

The water we use in our private homes as well as in commercial and industrial facilities contains dissolved lime, consisting of calcium and magnesium. When exposed to temperature increase or change of pressure, the calcium and magnesium crystallize on surfaces, producing incrustations. These hard scale deposits appear in places where water is heated, swirls around or leaves the pipes.

Scale deposits on the inside of pipes, on heating elements or on expensive machinery create many problems, the most common of which are:

  • Loss of energy due to a longer heating process

  • High costs of repairs and maintenance on machines and equipment

  • Loss of water pressure due to decreased pipe diameters

  • High cleaning costs and the need of aggressive cleaning agents

  • Decrease in overall industrial productivity

The longer you wait to take action against these problems, the more damage you will see and costly repairs needed. Soon you will have to replace the whole piping system and buy new equipment or appliances.

Water Heater
ruined by scale
Heating Elements ruined by scale
Showerhead ruined by scale
Pipe clogged with scale
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